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tackling the office : functionality first.

jenn pan

so this is what our office looks like. or looked like before this weekend. it, and the guest room, are just filled with unpacked boxes. which really meant the only functional rooms in the house were the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. no dining table in the dining room makes it just a place for sanford to chew on things and act stupid. anyway, we were in desperate need of a desk, so we finally decided to do something about it.

we took another tip to lowe's and bought two of these burro brand sawhorses ($25 each!) and took the door to the office (the back entrance of the house is also in the office, and so we found the door itself really annoying, especially since it wasn't level and kept closing on us while trying to make multiple trips in and out, and had taken it down the first week moved in..) and voila! $50 desk!

we had to do a lot of unpacking obviously, and moved a lot of stuff to the guest room, too, but it's actually a semi-functional office now! you can't see it too well behind the wood board, but we even have james's old couch in there too! and bookshelves on the left side. places to put things. and somewhere to do things!

and oh yea, the previously mentioned back entrance:

it lets in lots of afternoon sun and that back room actually gets really hot. so we put up some thermal blocking curtains we'd previously bought for james's old apartment and put them up. much better! if only they extended all the way to the ground...