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purchased : a vintage sewing machine table!

jenn pan

our friend jonathen recently picked up and moved to new york. before he did, he listed a bunch of items he was trying to get rid of for cheap. i saw this at 10pm one night, and one of the items was "vintage sewing table". i asked him to send me a picture, and when i saw it i said i'd be over to get it immediately. i've been looking for a small writing/secretary desk for a long time and definitely wanted vintage, but it's LA and vintage stuff is hella expensive. even at flea markets, the cheapest i saw for something similar was close to $200, so i was definitely excited to (rather unexpectedly) snag this pretty lady for $10!

it's sitting in the corner of the dining room for now, which is a pretty good place for it. one of these days (weeks? months?) i'll get around to re-finishing it and fixing all the chipped/broken bits and pieces. the craziest thing is that the sewing machine is actually still in it, which makes it pretty heavy. it's an old belt-driven one, and it's not functional. not sure what to do with that either. i particularly like this front drawer - it'll be a perfect place for pens and all my washi tape, once i get something to prevent it from falling so far forward.