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gifted : a fancy coffee grinder.

jenn pan

until recently, we'd been using a cheap blade grinder for our coffee beans. but, i really disliked that the grind was so uneven (some would be super fine powder, some would be almost full beans) that i decided we should really upgrade to a conical burr grinder. but, still, in order to save money, i was going to buy a manual hand-cranked one. when i texted one of our barista friends what brand they recommended, the first said that we should spend the extra money to get an electric one. then graciously offered to simply give us his old one!

i don't like taking things for free, so i said no at first, but he was insistent and i eventually gave it, which is how we ended up with the beauty above! and i totally love it - it's even easier to use than our old one. and the grounds are soooo consistent now. hurray! we're very lucky to have such good and generous people in our lives.