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purchased (and installed!): the dining room chandelier.

jenn pan

we bought and installed this lovely bridgeview chandelier in a mission dust bronze finish (we actually bought it using a home depot gift card we got from a group of coworkers when they found out we got married and bought a house, which was really very sweet). we're going for an industrial craftsman feel to the house, and did a lot of looking around before buying this one. we had to keep our fingers crossed a little on this one because no where actually had it in stock for us to look at in person, and even through the home depot web site, it was a "custom order".

i completely forgot to take a "before" photo, so this one (above) that i took back before we moved into the house will have to do. we really didn't like existing fixture. installing it wasn't too bad.. one annoying thing was that the chain link at the very top, we had to shorten it since our ceiling isn't that tall, and the only way to do it is to take two pliers and pull apart the individual links as needed to attach to the rest of the light, and then pull them back together. and to do this without messing up the finish too much. the other thing is that we had one piece in the wrong order, and didn't realize it until we had everything done.. so we had to take it all back down and apart to redo. that was my fault though. oops!

forgive the mess that is our dining room, but we love the new chandelier. since the lights point downward, it is definitely darker now than with the original chandelier, but i'm really liking the more intimate feel of it. plus, once we get a dining table, i think the space is going to be really nice.