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awkward windows and a temporary solution.

jenn pan

so, in the master bedroom and bathroom (or at least, what we're using as those rooms), the windows are elevated and elongated. almost like clerestory windows, but not quite high enough. which is the source problem - they face the street! while people on the street can't see in due to the window height, the two-story apartment building across the street can! the other issue, is that they are extremely wide yet short windows. we were going to buy and hang curtains as a quick fix, but when we ran to target, they didn't have curtain rods long enough. so, what did we do? we bought gift wrapping paper (in cute patterns!), and painters tape.

yup! we have gift wrap on our windows! it's a total hack, but it works pretty well as a temporary solution.. and way cheaper, too. we've since found we can buy the proper length curtain rods online. with that in mind, i think we're going to have to make custom curtains as well, because it's a bit silly to buy normal window length curtains and have them completely overhanging the windows.