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window solutions.

jenn pan

so yea, remember our gift-wrapped windows? well, we finally did something about it! we added curtains in the bedroom, and "frosted" glass in the bathroom. what a huge improvement!

we did the bathroom window first and it was super easy. we bought artscape decorative window film in etched glass from home depot. from there, it was simply a matter of cleaning the windows, measuring and cutting the film, wetting the glass, applying the film, and squeegeeing out the liquid and air bubbles. we get so much more natural light in the mornings now!

we ordered two curtain rods from (the site/order says optima, but ReSolution is what arrived, but they visually look the same, so no complains here).

to "make" the curtains, all i had to do was cut the fabric to size, added a 1-3 inch hem (1 in for the sides, 3 inches for the top and bottom) and throw it on the curtain rods with some curtain rings. interestingly, when i googled "how to make curtains" the first link i clicked on was a blog post from twotwentyone, and they used the exact same fabric (except maybe a lighter/mint-ier color).

we're pretty happy with how it turned out. i'm not completely sold on the curtain rings though, so i may end up adding fabric loops to the curtains themselves so we can put them directly on the rods.