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landscape edging, seven months later.

jenn pan

we've been buying plants left and right recently. one of the plants we bought was a large fern to fill this bit of dead space on the lawn, and this pretty pink plant you can see just to it's right. but as you can tell, it's not very well defined, and we even had the issue of the gardener weed-eating our poor plants a bit. so we decided to build a bit more separation into the area to highlight our pretty plants.

technically, it was a project we started back in december and never finished. it's a good thing too, because we probably would have just edged a straight line the entire way and not done what we decided to, which is to add a nice curve to add a home for the new plants. so we dug a 4 inch deep trench, put down the edging, and filled things back in.

the other thing we decided to do this time was put down a weed barrier underneath the mulch. there's lots of weedy grasses that just keep coming up, and we simply don't have the time to keep up with them.

look how much the colors really pop with the dark red mulch we bought!

day of, we didn't have enough mulch to cover everything, but we've since remedied that - we promise! and the best part! the gardeners didn't destroy our plants any more this past week! success! you can see below that we also have a baby foxtail and another grassy plant to be planted behind it. we really love our plants..!