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purchased : indoor houseplants.

jenn pan

a year ago, i bought an airplant for the kitchen and put it in the pretty urchin planter you see above. it didn't survive. it made it for about 8 months, but i decided to get two more, and i actually got some more information on them this time, so i'm hopeful these will survive.

anyway, completely separately, we've been on a bit of a plant buying kick, making many trips to our local armstrong garden center to buy outdoor plants. but on one of those trips, i decided to peruse the indoor plants, and kind of fell in love with these spiky tall snake plants.

they're tall and wavy and really low maintenance! and amazingly, after i brought it home, i did a bit of internet research and learned that these plants also generate oxygen at night and filter out formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air. how awesome is that?

we've had the one above the fireplace for less than a month, and it's already showing signs of additional growth. i'm utterly in love!

and since i'm so enamored, i soon bought another one, this one much smaller, to put in the kitchen. it's already doubled in height since we brought it home two weeks ago!

so of course, when we went plant shopping again today, i looked at more indoor plants. i bought a small croton petra that we've placed in the bathroom because it needs humidity and lots of sunlight. i love the pretty reds in the leaves, but hopefully, this will be enough sun for it. everything i've seen online says it calls for unfiltered sun, but we'll see how it goes. this one is the most finicky i've dared to purchase so far.

and last but not least is this pretty peperomina, which i think is also called a baby rubber plant. it gets a place in the bedroom. my biggest fear with indoor plants (after them dying because i have a black thumb) is getting bugs! but i'm sucking it up because i'm really enjoying the bit of greenery and life in the house.