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a place for storage : the basement!

jenn pan

hello! it's been forever, and i apologize. things have just been very crazy over the last couple of months. james has been working lots of overtime wrapping up his department on how to train your dragon 2, i've gotten busy at work with the film i'm on starting production, i had an unexpected trip back to taiwan for a family matter, and the house has suffered for it. we really haven't done anything to it in the past few months, but we have big plans and hope to do a lot this spring and summer!

one thing that we started, is to move some items out of the house and into the basement! we bought a couple metal shelving units from home depot and got them set up. only one has been filled so far, but if you saw the state of our office and guest bedroom, well, you'd realize that one shelf left is no where near enough. but, every little bit certainly does help!

these were about $100 each, and a cinch to put together - though i do recommend two people just because it's size can be a bit unwieldy at times. but they're really sturdy and we're so glad we got them!