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i failed at the january cure, but i've been cooking a lot!

jenn pan

yes, i fell of the january cure wagon right at the halfway point. it got to be too much to do every day on top of all the other things to be done. oh well - i make myself feel better by thinking about how many things we've crossed off that original list, plus how much i've been cooking! well, i normally cook a lot, but i've been experimenting more in my cooking, mostly due to a new CSA that i've subscribed to: summerland! i have the 75/25 standard produce box delivered to my door every sunday morning, and i am freaking loving it. the above photo is the produce i got just last week! i'm pretty comfortable with a bit over half of what i've been tending to get, but having some unfamiliar territory, plus just some stuff i don't buy/eat on a regular basis has forced me to get a bit more creative with my cooking (i'm really a heat oil, mince garlic, throw meat and veggies in with salt-to-taste kind of cook). plus, it's really nice to have really fresh produce delivered to the door - i really only need to shop for dairy and proteins at the market! here are some pictures of what i've been cooking, and we've been eating!

steamed barramundi with an avocado grapefruit scallion salad over sauteed broccolini (above); fennel potato shallot puree with sauteed napa cabbage (below). okay, so i'm not really moving away from the simple garlic saute, but i'm working on it!

noodles in a shiitake mushroom and brussels sprout meat sauce (above); kale quinoa medley (blanched not sauteed!) topped with warm butter lobster tail (below).

steamed norwegian wolffish over roasted carrots, purple potatoes and green garlic (above); salad with roasted beets, pickled red onions, leftover potatoes and goat cheese with roasted rack of lamb (below).

smoothie with banana, apple, grapes, greek yogurt, avocado and cashews, toast and fried eggs (above). i've been putting cashews in all our smoothies lately - adds a nice, slightly savory (and nutty, duh) flavor. and one habit i have kept from the january cure, is buying fresh flowers every week. they just make me happy!