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apartment therapy's january cure..!

jenn pan

apartment therapy's annual january cure starts today:

Join our once-a-year-only January Cure and we'll send you emails each weekday from January 2 through the 30th, giving you all the info you need to know to follow along, stay motivated and complete your assignments. By the end of the month, you'll be sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home. We've even built in plans for a gathering of your friends on final weekend to help you celebrate!

daily assignments? usually i get home after work, make dinner, do the dishes, and go to bed! i barely make it to the gym twice a week. plus, i'm just recovering from a cold since last friday, james has been sick since tuesday, and i'm freaking out a bit about sanford who threw up five times last night and kept hack-gagging in the middle of the night (no, there is nothing stuck in his throat, i checked, and he did seem better this morning). so adding additional daily to-dos at this point sounds crazy, right? well - no promises, but i'm going to try, and blog about it, too, for accountability's sake.

today's assignment is to make a list of projects. as in, walk around the house and make a list of all the things that need to be done. that's going to be huge. we sort of have a running list in hour heads that we discuss often, but getting it down on paper will certainly be a useful exercise. hopefully you'll be seeing a post from me later tonight...