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state of the yard.

jenn pan

it's mostly green!!! remember how yellow it was? well, the yellow parts died off, but we got the sprinkler system working and what's still alive is nice and green. don't let it fool you though, those empty patches are full of weeds and weeds and more weeds.

it's a bit hard to tell from the photos above, but where there isn't grass, there is actually a layer of the dead grass, and more obviously, weeds. we've been working our way through the yard in patches every week and scrubbing up the dead grass and yanking up the weeds, then sprinkling grass seed. we're using this bright blue scotts turf builder stuff with fancy "watersmart" technology. it's been a pretty slow process, but rather rewarding.

below is one of the first patches we attacked about three weeks ago. as you can see, there is quite a bit of new grass coming in! however, there are even more weeds coming up, and we're too scared to go rip them up as we don't want to also rip up the baby grass.

another thing we did was buy some bright blue anchusas to plant right in front of the house. we got them at sunset nursery (which i love and is where i buy my succulents) and they're really pretty. they also told us that these guys will re-seed themselves and spread, which would be great. it would be really nice if all those shockingly blue flowers filled in the surrounding area. it also seems like bees really love them, because there are always bees checking them out now.