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continuing to re-organize.

jenn pan

not too much to report really. this weekend was mostly lawn work (which i'll post in a bit) and a lot of indoor reorganization. so, above you can see that we'd had a bookshelf set up to sort of divide the living and dining rooms. not on purpose, but just because we really didn't have anywhere to put it. we cleared some space out on the other side of the dining room and moved it there.

our new living room view, modeled by sanford, after the jump!

tada! it's way more open now! we've had that bookshelf in the middle so long that everytime i walk into the room it feels like something is missing, but it's definitely better. at this point, we really just need a coffee table. we just haven't found the right one just yet.. and a piano (but that's a story for another time..).

also, we cleaned up the office a bit more (it looked like this before) so you can actually walk into it now, and there are places to put things! there's still a ton of stuff to be put away, but we're making progress, slowly but surely.