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the great weed-y outdoors.

jenn pan

i like to think we have a nice front yard, but it's become rather overgrown with weeds, and some of the grass isn't the healthiest. like everything else, we have some lofty plans, including a box-hedge surround and gate, but with limited funds right now, we'll have to stick to what we can do for little or no money with our own hands. and so, we spent several hours de-weeding this past weekend.

look at the size of some of these weeds and weed patches! james sprayed weed killer last week, so some of them are dying, but the whole lawn is so littered with them, we really have to dig them up for any good to be done.

some small sections of the front yard after we spent an afternoon de-weeding. there is still lots and lots to do, but i love that it makes such a huge improvement!

heh, we just kept piling up the weeds as we ripped them up. we really only got to less than a quarter of the yard, so we have lots of work ahead of us just to get the grass happy and healthy again, but it is definitely satisfying work. we both sit and work at computers all day long, so we actually rather enjoy being able to do stuff with our hands, even if its considered mundane.