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before and after: kitchen round one.

jenn pan

remember this kitchen? this is what it looked like when we first got the keys to the house.

since then, we've replaced the floors, bought some appliances, put in the luftig range hood and the stenstorp island from ikea and some tabouret stools from overstock. and tada! here it is:

i love it so much now! while there is still lots to do, i think it is finally in a good and functioning place for us to move in and be comfortable. well, for me to be comfortable cooking. i'm really looking forward to all the counter space! next steps including putting in a pretty lighting fixture (already purchased!), installing trim that we had ripped out to put in the floors / put in the range, putting in some open shelving (i have so many ideas), maybe a new faucet.. but all of that will wait for a little bit. first order of business is to get moved in and put this kitchen to good use!

here's our dog-child sanford "helping" me while i built that kitchen island:

and maybe most exciting, is that our appliances finally got fully installed. i have somewhere to do laundry! in machines that i own. that are shiny. and quiet. i can't wait until we eventually get these into the house, but that's another project entirely..