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the hideous kitchen floors.

jenn pan

this is our kitchen!

i bet you're thinking "well, that looks quite nice actually". and it is. the ikea cabinetry is just fine for now, and the carrera marble countertops are pleasant enough. but did you noticed the checkerboard floors? now, if you're thinking that it's a weird design choice, but really not that bad because at least it's nicely tiled, then you are very, very wrong. it is not tiled. it is a giant sheet of vinyl. that feels icky (almost sandy) underneath your feet, and has lots of air bubbles because whoever installed it did not do so properly. the pictures don't really show quite how bad it is, but you can kind of get the idea.

and this is what's beneath it:

i literally pulled up this corner with just my hands. i think i would have preferred that old orange linoleum to what is in there now. oh well. we don't have the money to do a full kitchen remodel, and other than the floor, it's really not that bad. so the plan is find a cheap and acceptable solution for the floor. i think we have settled on vinyl wood plank, which tends to fall in the $1-$2 per square foot range. so for hopefully less than $200 we will have a quick and durable solution to our kitchen floor problem.