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a cheap DIY place for plants.

jenn pan

sanford says this part of the yard is UGLY, mom and dad!

we have to agree, so we decided to do something about it!

we don't really have a back yard so much as a big, covered concrete area that is used for storage of things. and recently, because of all the plants we bough, a lot of the plants ended up sitting back there until we could find a place to plant them. we spend a little over $10 at home depot on a bunch of cinder blocks, and combined them with a couple pieces of lumber that were left by the last ownders of the house (plus some ol' fashioned sweeping) and voila!

it's still got a long way to go - we have plans to update this space to make it more open and airy and green - but in the meantime, we have an organized place to incubate plants until we plant them!

it's especially great for plants that like morning sun (which it gets lot of, below) but like shade otherwise.