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landscape edging and ground cover.

jenn pan

we were out of town two weekends in a row (joshua tree! alabama!) so when we got back to los angeles the day after thanksgiving, all we wanted to do was, well, nothing. but, we'd also been neglecting the house so we opted for some general cleaning and organizing, and some yard work! because yard work is fun.

i should clarify, shopping for stuff for the yard actually is fun. first we started with the purchase of a landscaping edging to better define the line between the lawn and this side garden of trees (pictured above and below). the grass had been growing into it unevenly, so james used some string to mark a straight line and dug a trench. after putting in the edging, we also threw down some fresh mulch. it's looking so much nicer! (and i totally forgot to take before photos..)

i may have also spend three hours straight weeding the ridiculous amount of clover that has come up in the yard......

anyway, the other fun thing we bought while browsing home depot (we're so grateful for all the home improvement gift cards we've gotten by the way - they've been such a huge help!!) was some ground cover! there is a particular patch of dirt along one side of the house that we contemplated putting a garden in, or even some thick grass, but when we were looking at various types of ground cover, we thought it would be much prettier and more fun!

we bought the two kinds pictured above, a succulent "stone crop" and some irish moss. the patch is kind of long, so we were thinking we'd have two rows (or columns in the pictures below) of one type and the other. we didn't buy much as we're hoping it spreads, and we didn't want to spend too much money buy a bunch of it in case it doesn't take. fingers crossed!