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purchased : sorting and ironing system.

jenn pan

we keep trying to increase the efficiency in the bathroom! this time, we were looking for an ironing board and came across this dual threshold ironing board and hamper at target. and it fits perfectly!

this is certainly not what i imagine my master bathroom to look like in the long term - it's getting so busy! - but we're going for functionality for now. the immediate problem with the ironing board is that it sits below our hand towel, so wet drippy hands could ruin the surface. i think we'll just be covering it with a towel or something for now, but i would love to make some sort of countertop for it so we could have more space to put things, but also have it be easily removable enough for when ironing needs to occur (we've been living in the house for over 6 months and just bought an ironing board an iron.. so it's clearly not a major issue..)

i couldn't find the unit on the website, but here is a picture of the packaging for those interested..