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the first major reno..

jenn pan

why, you might ask, do we have sanford penned into the kitchen?!

well, it's actually really exciting - WE'RE HAVING CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR PUT INTO THE HOUSE! yup, it's finally happening. luckily for us, it's been a pretty mild summer, but last night as it was hot and humid and we couldn't sleep, we were oh-so-glad that the system is going in and we'll be living in comfort starting tonight! the install is scheduled to finish today, and i'll do another in-depth post (who, what, when, where, why!) once it's all done and we've had a chance to revel in all it's glory. in the meantime, here are some photos of the progress that we've seen over the past few days.

a new attic entry, that's actually to code!

removal of the wall gas heaters:

vents and vents!:

a place for the condensor:

the backyard with more scraps and less parts! (so glad we're just letting professionals do all this and we don't have to deal with any of it):

the condenser, in progress: