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CB's clean slate, and an amazing shoe rack.

jenn pan

we're loving crate & barrel's new line of utility products clean slate. the products are not crate & barrel brand, so much as a curated group of products they have brought together that go very well with their own products, within the categories of laundry, storage, closet, utility, and cleaning.

so far i've purchased the set of three washing bags (so convenient for washing little or delicate things!), the galvanized bin (which hasn't been put to use yet, but it was too cute looking to not buy), the large casabella utility grippers (still looking for a place to put this, sigh), and the absolute best thing we've bought so far that the rest of this post is going to be about, is this supreme adjustable shoe rack. and my goodness, supreme is a good name for it.

what, you might ask, makes this shoe rack so great?

first of all, it is dead simple. the frame/sides consists of 4 pieces, connected by twenty bars (two per level). that and 4 castors. so it's really easy to put together.

second, it is sturdy and the build quality is really great. it looks even nicer in person. the metal bars that actually hold the shoes feel heavy in your hand, not flimsy, and it has a nice course non-slip texture to it as well. for my shoes, which tend to be daintier than james's, i can definitely fit five pairs across. with larger/wider soled-shoes like dress shoes, four pairs fit very comfortably.

and best of all, it fits in my closet, and it holds all our shoes! we've been looking for a decent shoe selection for a long time, and we're really really happy with this one. the only slightly inconvenient thing is that for some of my taller shoes or heels, i have to turn them sideways to put them into the rack, but that is so minor for the compactness of it.

oh, one last note. how cute are these commercial-style laundry carts?! if i didn't have to trudge outside and down some stairs to do my laundry (yes, it's still located in the garage) i would own them already.