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another inspiring craftsman in southern california

jenn pan

almost everything i love about this comes back to color. whites, blues and greys throughout with dark wood floors. it's very similar to the colors i dream of our house being. the use of white and grey painted trim is particularly eye-catching in its attention to details. it really makes me torn, since we've always wanted to do stained wood trim, but the painted white trim i've seen in renovated craftsman houses has me second guessing it!

i really love the spare but pop-y use of color. painting just the ceiling and the parts of the walls above the picture rail is a brilliant idea. it keeps the lines in the room still very clean and bright, without that boring or sanitary feeling.

i am also so impressed by all the detail put into the built-ins in every room. it really drives in the sense that everything has its purpose and its place, that this was meant to be a home and not a cookie-cutter house.

anyway, i've said enough. to see more of this beautiful home, visit simo design!

all images by joe schmelzer.

inspired by a craftsman bungalow in silverlake.

jenn pan

i'm feeling really inspired by this craftsman bungalow in silverlake that apartment therapy featured today! it has so many details that we want to integrate into our home, and it's done in such a beautiful, eclectic yet cohesive way.

first of all, all the trim! the beautiful, chunky, craftsman trim. it's a major detail missing from our home that we are very excited to put back in one day, though i think we would go with stained wood trim, as opposed to painted trim. also, can you spot the pinball machine peeking in from the left in the image above? james has been talking about getting one for as long as i've known him. when i showed him this house tour, his exact words were craftsman/industrial/geek can work! needless to say, i think he loves it too.

another component we loved was the dining room buffet below the high, wide windows. our dining room already has windows like that, and we've been discussing buffet options from day one, so seeing this made us really happy.

i think we'll go more craftsman/industrial and less eclectic than this particular house. we want to pull in many more original craftsman features, with industrial accents (wood and metal are just such a great combination). i just love the feel of this house. the feel is definitely in line with what we want for our home, even if the exact details and choices are not the same.

one last thing - i love the bath/shower combo they have! we've definitely discussed how we could have a clawfoot tub without having to use shower curtains (we hate shower curtains!) and have even talked about maybe making the bathroom a full wetroom. the clawfoot in a wet area of the bathroom is so nice - i wouldn't be surprised if something similar shows up in our home in a few years...!

so yea, i'm feeling super inspired this morning because of this house. make sure you check out the whole tour over at apartment therapy for even more details (the beautiful yard! the geeky office!! so many beautiful houseplants!!).

inspiration : a beautiful craftsman in portland.

jenn pan

i'm utterly in love with this house i found on houzz:

it's pretty amazing how similar in aesthetic it is to what we have picture for our house. we love the slate blue exterior, with white trim, and dark blue frames. we've actually discussed doing just that (we already have the slate blue exterior, but our trim is a light yellow - which we hate - and we'll need to replace all the doors and windows anyway).

even the exterior you see above with the wooden deck and french doors is a look we want off the side of the house where the kitchen is. absolutely gorgeous, and inspiring!

and talk about built-ins! i love, love the built-ins, and the beams in the living room. i don't think we'll go as dark as they did with the floors and beams, but it is really pretty. and the floor to ceiling built-ins below for an office and the bedroom - that's pretty much exactly what we want as well, with interesting and creative nooks for space savings and storage. so clean, so simple. we'll definitely be referring to these images often once we get to doing all the aesthetic renovations.. the only thing i don't love is the headboard. seriously, that's it!

even the paneled ceiling, with white walls and light warm grey cabinets and trim. so clean, and pleasing.